Priya is no less than her brother…

Priya’s father (name changed) has been battling extreme health issues, and resultant loss of job before the pandemic. He had liver surgery couple of years ago. Has recovered his health partially, still under heavy medication, and has considerable physical difficulty even now. All of his past savings were spent on his medical treatment.

The family income is between 10000 to 15000 INR per month (equivalent to £110 – £160. The mother is a homemaker.

They own their home, although the construction is incomplete for many years.

Priya’s brother is in Grade 8 in the same school. His fees is also being sponsored . When the brother was being sponsored, we were pleasantly surprised by Priya interrupting her father to ask him “Papa, aap mere padhai ke liye nahi baat karenge?” (meaning, “Dad, will you not talk about my need as well, to continue studying?”).

Priya has had a period of being practically disconnected from academics for more than a year until late 2021, owing to the instabilities in the family. With Priya getting back to regular schooling in recent one year, we enquired from her whether she is liking her studies. Her spontaneous response was “Sir, bahut majaa aa raha hei” (meaning “It is very enjoyable”).

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